Distributor Program

RapidFix has a comprehensive sales-support program for its distributors 
and invests in generating consumer interest and demand through:


Professionally designed packaging and promotional materials geared to:

  • Attract consumer attention
  • Stand out from competitor products
  • Establish market legitimacy for product, brand, and company
  • Generate confidence in the purchase decision


Bilingual content (English-Spanish or English-French):

  • Packaging
  • Instructions
  • Promotional Materials
  • Videos (Instructional and Demo)


Convenient bar codes included on packaging:

  • UPC for easy sales
  • QR Codes for easy consumer access to website and product demo videos


Hands-on demonstration videos that show the ease of use along with the broad range of repair potential


Video Display Unit (VDU) designed to hold and display our various counter display units. Topped with a compact video screen which is pre-loaded with a product demonstration video.Guaranteed to increase sales!


Trade Shows: Click here to view the major shows we attend each year.


Print Advertising:

  • Extreme How To Magazine
  • Hardware Retailing
  • Professional Tools & Equipment
  • Distributor-based Catalogs


Television Advertising:

  • Motor Head Garage - Fox Channel
  • Home Shopping channel


Radio Advertising:



  • Shopatron


YouTube.com - RapidFix Channel:

  • Featuring promotional and demo videos from RapidFix and end users

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