VDU Program

Video Display Unit (VDU) Promotional Program:

RapidFix makes available a custom designed Video Display Unit (VDU) which holds and displays our various counter display units.  

It features a compact video screen which is programmed to auto start, auto loop and comes pre-loaded with a product demonstration video for your specific market.

Videos Available in - English/Spanish & English/French languages.  
Other languages can be produced by request.

Benefits of the RapidFix VDU program:

  • In-Store VDU adds 12% - 25% increase in sales
  • Program has proved successful in over 7000 stores
  • Content is focused on building consumer confidence
  • Consumer quickly learns how to use RapidFix
  • Consumer quickly learns what RapidFix can repair
  • Helps customer attribute value to the product
  • Creates impulse purchase atmosphere
  • Compact design maximizes in-store counter space utilization
  • Requires minimal management from counter staff
  • Demonstrates the product without staff assistance
  • Assists with staff training on RapidFix capabilities

In-Store Display Examples