What Can I Fix?

RapidFix can produce High strength bonds in seconds. The RapidFix adhesive dries crystal clear and bonds most material instantly. Some of these materials include rubber, metal, plastics, copper, aluminum, steel, glass and most plastics. 

RapidFix welding powder is used in conjunction with the adhesive to repair all types of holes, cracks and gaps and can produce a strong weld seam to support the repair, just like solder or a welded joint.

RapidFix can also be used to build up or replace missing areas of the part. RapidFix can be instantly drilled, filed, sanded. Because it dries clear or a neutral color it can be easily painted or stained to any color.

RapidFix is the only product that can instantly repair windshield wiper bottles, radiator overflow tanks and air intake systems. RapidFix can also repair, gas tanks, radiators, headlight housings and can be used for electrical wiring. Unlike all other instant adhesives RapidFix has a special formula that will not dry out in the bottle. The product is backed up with a 12 month guarantee.


Countless Uses...

RapidFix is a unique product as it combines the ability to instantly bond many types of materials and is also capable of instantly filling holes, cracks, gouges in many more type of materials.

The list below will provide a guide for you.

Bond and fill copper, steel, aluminum, brass, cast or pot metals

Hoses, door trims, toys, rubber seals, rubber sporting goods.

Repairs to ceramic wear & glass ornaments, floor tiles. RapidFix dries crystal clear. If filling is required the welding powder is neutral and can be colored to match the piece.

Repair breaks, cracks splits & holes in many types of plastics that are used for appliances, plumbing, sporting goods, and toys.

Can be used to instantly fill holes, cracks, gouges in many items such as doors, frames, floorboards. It can also be drilled to relocate screws. Can be sanded painted or stained.

Use on boats for repairs outside and inside and personal water craft. Make those emergency repairs at the dock or out on the water.

Sports equipment, Bikes, Fishing and model making.

Hiking, Camping, Instant repairs for many parts of the RV.

Why use RapidFix instead of something else?

The RapidFix product offers both types of Instant repairs in one product. RapidFix can be used for bonding materials or filling materials. RapidFix bonds and fills instantly. It combines both applications into one product.

Other bonding products like epoxy based adhesives require an amount of time, from 5 minutes to 24 hours. Similar products like Body filler or putty can take approximately 30 minutes or longer to set.


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Household & Workshop Repair Examples...

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