Who do I contact in an emergency involving RapidFix?

RapidFix adhesive is Non Toxic and will not damage the skin. Cyanoacrylate adhesives were originally developed for use in medical situations for bonding internal and external body tissue. If it comes in contact with the skin, gently and slowly roll the two surfaces apart. To clean the adhesive off the skin you can use acetone or rinse in warm soapy water. This will promote the natural oils in the skin to release under the adhesive and in about an hour it will simply start to lift off the skin.

RapidFix has a 24-hour medical emergency toll-free phone number that can help guide you through emergency situations involving the RapidFix product including unintentional contact with skin or ingestion.  1-800-374-3586


Will RapidFix bond anything?

RapidFix will bond many materials, but not everything. RapidFix is not suitable for Polyethylene, Polypropylene, Teflon, Silicon, mostly fibre based materials like paper and cloth.


What is the shelf life of RapidFix?

RapidFix will not dry out in the bottle under normal conditions like other instant or super glue type products. RapidFix is guaranteed for 12 months. To help extend the product’s life, make sure to clean the adhesive bottle’s nozzle and secure the cap. Storage is also a factor for shelf life. If stored out of direct sunlight in modest temperatures (60-70 degrees Fahrenheit), expected shelf life is around two years.


How do you clean up a RapidFix spill?

Acetone (commonly found in nail polish remover) is effective at removing RapidFix from many surfaces. For immediate clean up of wet adhesive use any cloth material dipped in acetone.  If the adhesive has dried it cannot be simply wiped off the surface. The area will need to be soaked for at least one hour to release the adhesive. Check that the material of the surface will not be affected by Acetone.

If you get some RapidFix on your hands, you can use acetone. When dry, RapidFix simply flakes off from the skin in a matter of hours due to natural oils and moisture that is now being released under the adhesive. To speed this process you can wash your hands in very warm soapy water. This will open the pours of the skin and release oil and moisture under the dried adhesive. The dried adhesive will then peel away in the course of the next hour.