Repairing Ceramics with RapidFix Adhesives

Tuesday, December 22, 2020
Repairing a Holiday Lego Piece

How to repair broken ceramics using RapidFix Instant Adhesive & UV Light-activated Adhesive

Tis the season to deck the halls with seasonal joy.  However, upon unpacking a cherished holiday ornament, you may discover it had broken since the last holiday season.  Do not let a cracked trinket ruin your holiday spirit! Read on to see how you can quickly and easily repair a broken ceramic Lego display using RapidFix adhesives.
Two Lego men have unfortunately cracked off this display’s platform.  One break was clean; the other was not.
First, we used the RapidFix Instant Adhesive to glue the cleanly broken lego man back onto the stand.  This instant adhesive is one part of the RapidFix Dual Adhesive system, but it can be used alone to bond two smooth surfaces together.  Bonds form instantly and will achieve full strength after 24 hours.  To begin, use a small amount of adhesive on either the base or the broken piece making sure the adhesive covers the damaged area.  Simply wipe away any access adhesive with a paper towel or cloth.  Do not use your fingers!  RapidFix adhesive loves to bond with skin.

Apply a Small Amount of RapidFix Dual Adhesive To the Broken Item
Once the piece is attached, it will not be easy to re-adjust it because of how fast this adhesive acts.  Make sure to line the pieces up correctly the first time.

Apply the Adhesive and Carefully Line up the Pieces
Hold the pieces in place for 5-15 seconds to bond.  The bond forms instantly but may need a few seconds to fully harden.  Let go and see the result!

RapidFix Dual Adhesive Bonds Within Seconds
The Lego Man Has Been Reatached Using RapidFix Dual Adhesive
For the second piece, we used the RapidFix UV Light Adhesive to adhere the piece with the jagged break.  The UV Adhesive will fill any cracks or ridges.  Apply a small amount of UV adhesive to the contact point surfaces.  The UV light must make contact with the adhesive in order for it to cure.

RapidFix UV Adhesive Repairs the Jagged Break of the Second Lego Man
Shine the UV flashlight on the contact points for 10-20 seconds until the adhesive hardens.  When you do so, the adhesive will shine blue making it easy to see which spots you covered.  Continue to hold the piece in place until it is fully cured.

Shine the RapidFix UV Light to Cure the RapidFix UV Adhesive
Now the project is done!  After 24 hours, both bonds will reach full strength and should be stronger than the original material.  Happy Holidays!

The Ceramic Lego Display Was Fixed Using RapidFix Dual and UV Adhesives
Holiday Lego Display