Customer Reviews

Worked perfectly... I was on my way!

Just wanted to let you know about a great result with your product. Over this past weekend, we were on our way to babysit for my grandsons in Tecumseh. In the middle of nowhere, suddenly there was steam coming out from under the hood of the car. When I pulled over and opened the hood, there was a split in the main hose coming off of the radiator. 

I've had that pack of the "Rapid Fix" in my car, and tried it.

Well it worked perfectly!! I filled the radiator with windshield washing solvent, and was on my way. I drove the car all weekend and then back here to the lake shore. I took it to the Acura dealer yesterday and he was amazed that the product worked like it did and then held up for over three hundred miles. I thought you should know.

Steve W.

This stuff works. Buy it!

When I first saw this product, I thought it was hype. Well, last weekend I repaired a Motor Scooter seat. The underneath part was a plastic and had many cracks and breaks from an accident. And, I weigh 225 pounds. I was amazed how easy it was to repair the seat. In parts, I had to use the filler as well. I did wait 24 hours before using it because of my weight and the bumpy roads here. However, it did hold in place within seconds of application.

Well, after the first hour of use, the seat felt like new and showed absolutely no signs of any renewed cracking. This stuff works and I only had to use about 1/4 of the liquid. Buy it!

William M. - Asheville, NC, USA

This is good stuff...

A friend of mine who runs an auto body shop recommended this product and I had to try it. I was able to fix some things that no other glue even epoxy could fix in the past. It doesn't work on everything, (what does), but nothing works as good and as quickly as RapidFix does. This is good stuff.

Ettore - Amazon Verified Purchase

Repaired my Cuckoo Clock

So far I have repaired my lathe drive belt, my cracked cell phone case and best of all...a split/cracked plastic hour hand on a Cuckoo clock. 

The hour hand pushes on the hour shaft friction tight and when cracked it just spins around the shaft. Some glue on the crack and some welding powder while the hand was in a vise and the hand fit perfectly on the hour shaft! 

The welding powder was filed down smooth and you can barely see the repair. 

John D. - Allentown, PA, USA

RapidFix saved me about $300

I called you last week with a question about RapidFix. I had a pond pump that got hit by a falling boulder and the outlet housing broke off. The break was in a bad spot and without the welding powder I would never had been able to get it fixed. The pump was made from ABS. I had tried super glue on it prior and it wouldn't work. RapidFix worked as advertised and the pump is back in action thus saving me about 300 dollars to replace it. Great product!

Keith S. - Fernco, Inc.

RapidFix did the job for me

Hello and thank you for such an awesome product. I recently found this at a supply place and found it to be the cats behind. I especially like the filler for adding strength to a fixit project. I just glued a steel ball bearing to a steel shaft then glued that to a piece of cast tubing. I had previously tried a 2 part glue with no success, but RapidFix did the job for me.

Terry H. - Oregon, USA

It’s an amazing product.

I have to tell you this story. I was working at home last week on a project to replace all of my pine trim boards with PVC trim. I needed to make up a 14’ piece out of two because the longest length I could buy was 12’. I asked the person in the lumber dept the best way to glue them together and he said to use PVC cement and it would form a “chemical bond”. Long story short, it didn’t work, even though I took the extra step of clamping the pieces together. I then tried construction adhesive with the same results. As a last resort I tried RapidFix and within 5 minutes I could not break those boards apart, and believe me I tried. It’s an amazing product.

Dave C. - Cornwell Quality Tools

I love the products!

I love the products! I have been spending a lot on glue that don't work like this one. I'm appalled! For instance, I have been using JB Weld; waited for 24 hours and it runs like crazy. It was a frustrating job to keep them intact. I am an architect and I do work a lot with contractors. I know the contractors will love this stuff to fix minor things.  I assure this product will give them greater influence on the field. I am very interested in distributing and selling.

Tom H.

An Australian Micro Magic...

I recently built myself my second racing Micro Magic, while I was in Australia on holidays I brought some RapidFix dual adhesive glue for the project. I was so impressed with the stuff I thought I would explain to you where I used it and why I thought it was different to other adhesives. Although I built a Micro Magic with it I think it would be useful in other projects, I am sure to use it again.

RapidFix comes with two components, the adhesive and the welding powder. Firstly the Adhesive sets in three seconds when oxygen is removed from the surfaces so no need for clamping. I found this great for things like making sure the keel box and rudder tube is perfectly straight and that they remain that way. Its not so great for attaching the deck as you need a little more time to make that fit perfectly.

The welding powder which can be added to the adhesive is perfect for making seals, fixing cracks and filling holes. I used this to form a water tight seal around the base of the keel box and to form a water tight seal at both ends of the rudder tube. I also used it to fill the small gaps that are left at the stern of the boat when the deck is attached. It dried in seconds and sands smooth. Although I did not need to adjust the rudder hole alignment in relation to the keel box (there are incidents where this is required) this system would be perfect just fill the hole and re-drill in minutes. I also used both to glue and fill the gap when attaching the keel to keel fin and it required less sanding than the usual filler one would use.

I was mostly impressed with the speed this glue sets hard although not great when on your fingers It sped up my process of building a lot. I keep it in my tool box incase of a on lake collision.

Hope this may help some one.

Cheers Jack H.

Aluminum casting crack fixed...

I successfully repaired a crack in an aluminum casting using RapidFix recently. The car had a massive oil leak from the cam housing and so far, no leak. The other day I needed to repair a crack in an aluminum engine block however I could not use your product because the crack was located overhead against gravity and it had a large gap. There used to be a product very similar to yours called Metal Mender. It was two part (liquid and white powder) that when mixed formed a paste that could be used to patch cracks. It set up extremely fast and was unbelievably strong. It would be useful to have a product like Metal Mender that could be applied as a paste. Any thoughts?

Bruce K. - Burr Ridge Car Care, Inc.

Thank you for introducing me to RapidFix.

At long last I have a glue that holds together anything I need to fix, from kids toys to household appliances.A glue that doesn’t split at the seams so my fingers end up glued to the tube and a glue that you can use over and over without the lid gluing itself to the tube. The welding powder too is a household essential along with the glue and have been able to repair a big hole in my vacuum cleaner tube casing, which I might add, is still holding together! Other glues have failed the test and in my home, RapidFix has definitely become my “Mr Fix It Handyman in a Bottle!”

Happy Customer – Aubin Grove, Australia

“We had a car and a 4WD come in with tube to header leaks on their radiators. We used RapidFix as a temporary repair – the owners needed to get home and we didn’t have the radiators in stock. The car returned safely to Port Hedland, and the 4WD made it all the way back to Perth!

A windscreen had its rear vision mirror knocked off. We used RapidFix to stick the mirror back onto the windscreen. Months later, it’s still there.

In the workshop, we’ve dropped screwdrivers and ratchets and broken their handles. Using RapidFix to repair them … we haven’t had to replace our tools yet.

The rubber door seals on our work ute began to sag – we used RapidFix to glue them back on and they work as good as new.

A few months ago, our dog tore a small hole in the bean bag. Before the beans fell out, we used RapidFix on the cloth – it singed the material together, repairing the hole. We still haven’t stitched it, and the RapidFix is holding strong.”

Promac Automotive & Cooling Systems

Broome, Australia

 “I bought a $250 submersible pump for our new water feature. When attaching the valve, I overtightened it and cracked the pump – not covered by the warranty. A friend suggested I try RapidFix. To my surprise, in only a few short minutes, the repair was done.  Our pump has worked perfectly ever since!”

Fremantle, Australia

 “I have used many types of glue over the years, this is the best I have ever used…ever.”

California, USA

“When I read the package I was skeptical, but not anymore, after my first project it has worked on everything ever since. I am still amazed how fast it works.”

Michigan, USA

“I own a small engine repair shop. I have repaired fuel tanks to engine cases with RapidFix – fantastic product.”

Massachusetts, USA

“I’ve used your product on glass, plastic and metal without fail. With the addition of the welding powder, the uses are endless. Repaired my wife’s blender saving $30 … great product!”

Tennessee, USA

“After a false start with damaged packaging which Rapidfix resolved with 100% satisfaction, efficiency and complete understanding I reattached a severed valve stem to a tyre tube successfully. The tyre is staying up! All is well. Rapidfix works.”


"Rapid Fix is fantastic, I'm a mobile mechanic and I've been using this product for over two years now.

Recently I attended to a customer who had her tires slashed. I needed to get the vehicle mobile again for a short journey to the tire shop, so I thought I'd temporary repair the tires with rapid fix. Well it worked, I was able to drive the vehicle and amazing enough they hadn't lost any pressure over the journey. I love Rapid Fix because it makes the impossible possible!”

Hastings, Vic 3915