The RapidFix Difference

RapidFix is unlike any glue on the market!

  1. 12-Month Guarantee - RapidFix will not dry out in the container and is Guaranteed for 12 months!

  2. Easy-To-Use - The convenient, non-clog nozzles allow for pin-point application of adhesive and welding powder.

  3. Bonds Instantly - The Rapidfix adhesive activates when oxygen is staved from the joint. Firmly press parts together, hold for a moment to remove the air then release. The items are instantly bonded together! Excess adhesive can be wiped away with a clean cloth.

  4. Ready-to-Use - RapidFix is ready to go right out of the bottle - No messy mixing like epoxy-based adhesives which takes extra time and wastes product.

  5. Dual Component System - RapidFix is BOTH an adhesive AND a welding powder. The welding powder extends the useful applications and repair capabilities. This is especially important when a repair calls for a "filler" solution while also needing an instant bond.

  6. Versatile - RapidFix has much broader repair applications. The adhesive dries crystal clear so it can be used to make repairs to glass, ceramics, and most plastics. When combined with the welding powder it can be used to fill wood, metals, tile, etc. The repair can then be instantly drilled, sanded, filed, stained and painted. It can also be colored to match plastics or ceramics with a Sharpie type pen. Simply make the repair, smooth the surface then use the colored pen to make the repair as invisible as possible.

  7. Bonds Almost Anything - RapidFix is also able to bond many "un-like" materials together such as rubber to plastic, glass to metal, PVC to metal, wood to ceramic, and on and on.


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